This is very unique option YPIK Group has for your business which is very comprehensive and cheap that can reduce your accountancy and even operational cost up to 50%. Most of the business owners in the UK considering this option by taking back office services because of huge cost saving.You can hire a full time or part time bookkeeper, payroll processor, Credit controller and administrator in our back office and save the cost of HR, Desk space, IT infrastructure and other over heads.The qualified and experienced Bookkeeper, who normally cost businesses and accountancy firms in the UK roughly £20K to £25K per year, will cost you about £395 per month in our back office. You will direct the tasks or duties to them and they will only be available and working solely for your business. They will be a phone call away and will be in office in same hours as your working hours. Again, we will also supervise them in order to maintain the quality of services.